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Running a successful business requires advance planning to manage litigation risks and avoid becoming a target of government investigations. Resolution of legal disputes may take time and cost you money, and may even increase your emotional stress. Thus, if you are facing legal issue or dispute, you need to immediately consult a lawyer to be informed of your rights and obligations under the law and the proper course of action to take to avoid further damage and costs on your part. Having a legal counsel to handle your legal matter may help you focus on other things more important to your business and stakeholders.

JKSRemulla Law Office offers litigation services on the following disputes:

Commercial Disputes

JKSRemulla Law Office provides legal advice, considering the strategic and commercial objectives of your business, to prevent and resolve disputes in your business. We handle cases and matters pertaining to intra-corporate disputes, contractual disputes, performance and fulfillment of contractual obligations, damages, customer complaints, data privacy incidents, intellectual property claims, and other legal disputes that may arise from your business.

Disputes on Labor Matters

We handle cases, matters, and disputes arising from and related to employer-employee relationship and administrative liability of employers, recruitment agencies, and contractors such as termination disputes, money claims, illegal recruitment, and labor-only contracting issues, among others. We may represent clients in conciliation, mediation, negotiation, settlement, and any proceeding before the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), the National Labor Relations Commission (NLRC), and the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA).

JKSRemulla Law Office will spare no effort to provide the suitable and necessary service and overall experience to defend your product, business, and reputation. Request an online consultation with JKSRemulla Law Office today, and we will take time to understand your circumstances and objectives and explore all your options.

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