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We do consultation on various aspects of Philippine Law in labor matters. This may be done in person or in a form of a written memorandum.

Labor Law Services in the Philippines

JKSRemulla Law Office believes in workplace fairness. For us, “people” is one of the most valuable assets of a business. Thus, if you are a business owner, protecting and valuing the rights and welfare of your employees is important.

Valuing employees’ rights and welfare is vital to a positive workplace. Our Firm may represent an employer or an employee, as the case maybe. In any matter or negotiation, we ensure that employees are treated in a fair and consistent manner and employers comply with their obligations under applicable law.

We understand that there are legal issues that may impact an employment cycle, and if these legal issues are ignored, companies may face certain legal risks and financial risks such as imposition of fines and penalties by governments agencies, costs of litigation, and loss of goodwill. To mitigate and avoid these risks, our Firm offers practical and accessible services on labor and employment matters, some of which are the following:

Drafting and Review of Employment Contracts

An effective human resource management includes a well-drafted employment contract. JKSRemulla Law Office ensures that the contract protects the interests of both employers and employees. We draft employment contracts based on the needs of the business relating to a concerned employee or group of employees. We likewise ensure that the employment contract clearly sets out the rights, obligations, and expectations of both parties for easier management of future conflicts or doubts.

Developing Employment Policies and Manual

Employment policies and manual are essential sources of communication between the employer and employees. They give clarity, transparency, and guidance to both parties. JKSRemulla Law Office offers a unique and detailed approach in developing your employees’ manual including all necessary sections from house rules, organizational structure, employee benefits to company values. We want your manual to capture the culture and personality of your company and for employees to feel informed and well taken care of.

Assistance in Employee Termination

Employee termination is particularly tricky, and it requires legal expertise. JKSRemulla offers assistance to companies regarding employee termination from determining the legality of the reasons for dismissal, drafting and issuance of warning notices, conducting administrative hearing and investigation, and deciding termination of an employee. We also assist and represent employees to protect their rights against illegal termination. We ensure that due process is followed, and both employer and employee are not put in a disadvantage.

Outsourcing an Employee

Many companies outsource employees to reduce costs and gain greater efficiencies; however, outsourcing is often overlooked or not timely addressed. JKSRemulla Law Office is committed in helping companies to have a cost-effective outsourcing arrangements with contractors within the bounds of law. We offer legal advice aligned to your business interests, and assistance in drafting, review, and negotiating services agreements. We also assist companies in conducting due diligence of their contractors or suppliers.

Labor Compliance

Labor laws may change rapidly, and you don’t want to be caught unaware as non-compliance carries fines and penalties. In JKSRemulla Law Office, our goal is to help companies to be accountable and socially responsible to their employees and stakeholders. We may assist companies in conducting labor compliance audit to effectively assess their current operations and determine if there are legal risks that need to be addressed. If companies mitigate or avoid legal risks pertaining to employment matters, they could effectively increase workplace fairness and productivity through time.

In running a business, the stakes are high, and it is crucial that you connect with the best possible legal representation. We can help you to carefully plan your employment framework and program, and ensure that you are ready to comply to the ever-changing market conditions and you can do so in an effective way.

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