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Data Privacy Law Services

As more data becomes digitized, and more personal information is shared online, protecting one’s data privacy is becoming important. All businesses in the Philippines, regardless of size and nature, are now mandated to comply with the Republic Act No. 10173 or the "Data Privacy Act of 2012” to ensure the protection of personal data collection and processing.

Now, data is being monetized, and companies are considering data as one of the most important assets of their business. Protecting your stakeholders’ information and data privacy is essential in avoiding hefty penalties, fines, and costs that may arise from security breach incidents, government sanctions, and reputational damage. But most importantly, you have to understand that protecting your stakeholders’ data privacy is essential in building the trust of your stakeholders such as your partners, employees, and customers.

JKSRemulla Law Office offers legal services pertaining to the establishment and management of a business’ data privacy compliance program. We give advice on Philippine data privacy laws, draft data privacy policies, address privacy breach issues, and map out compliance processes. Our goal is for you to adopt sound privacy and security practices, ensure regulatory and legal compliance, and protect your competitive advantage.

To be specific, we provide assistance on the following matters:

Appointment of a Data Protection Officer

JKSRemulla Law Office may assist you in determining the most qualified person to appoint as a Data Protection Officer in your business. We can assist your Data Protection Officer on how he or she could independently and effectively perform his or her duties and responsibilities considering your business’ goals and objectives.

Conduct a Privacy Impact Assessment

JKSRemulla Law Office could conduct or assist you on conducting privacy impact assessment on your business processes and operations. We will walk you through the process and help you understand the legal framework. We will help you assess the current risks of the company relating to data privacy and how the company could address these risks. Conducting privacy impact assessment would help you determine, assess, and manage data privacy risks proactively. Besides being mandated by the Philippine Data Privacy Laws, conducting a privacy impact assessment will help you avoid hefty costs, penalties, and fines caused by security breach incidents. Likewise, it will help you build your stakeholders’ confidence and trust in your business.

Create a Privacy Management Program and Manual

JKSRemulla Law Office may assist your company in establishing policies, procedures, and programs on data privacy and information security. We will help you build initiatives, programs, and services that would ensure your business’, including your management and employees’, accountability and responsibility on data privacy and security.

Implement Data Privacy and Security Measures

You need to be proactive. Stop data breach before they start. JKSRemulla Law Office may assist you in determining and implementing data privacy and security measures to avoid security incidents. We may help your company build a breach response team and train your employees on how to implement data privacy measures within the organization and how to respond in case of a data breach or any security incident.

Protect your business by protecting your stakeholders’ data privacy. Let’s discuss more on how we could protect your business. Request an online consultation with JKSRemulla Law Office now.

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