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We do consultation on various aspects of Philippine Law in business compliance and corporate matters. This may be done in person or in a form of a written memorandum.


Legal compliance is essential for the stability and sustainability of every business, regardless of its size, reach, or nature. Non-compliance may result in fines and penalties, and legal mistakes in your operations or policies could have major legal repercussions that can damage your business and your reputation. JKSRemulla Law Office will help you avoid any missteps in implementation and monitoring of policies, procedures, and practices surrounding your business. We will help you build a strong legal and ethical framework and practice while you grow and sustain your business. Our services include:

Advice on Regulatory Compliance

There is a growing pressure from regulatory bodies as transparency rises in importance and businesses strive to adapt. At JKSRemulla Law Office, we will help you understand various rules, laws and regulations that govern your business, manage risks, and lessen the impact of complex regulations on your transactions or day-to-day operations. We will address all the key areas of concern for regulatory compliance including the compliance standards, policies and procedures of your business. Our goal is to help your business thrive while ensuring that you are compliant and updated with legal developments.

Drafting and Filing of Compliance and Reportorial Requirements

Many business owners have the false notion that after having their business registered, nothing else needs to be done after. When in fact, following your registration with the Department of Trade and Industry (for sole proprietorship) or Securities and Exchange Commission (for partnerships and corporations), securing local government permits and licenses and registering with the Bureau of Internal Revenue, Social Security System, Philippine Health Insurance (PhilHealth), and Home Development Mutual Fund (PAG-Ibig), business owners must comply with the monthly, quarterly, and yearly compliance and reportorial requirements of these government bodies. JKSRemulla Law Office will help you ensure that all your compliance and reportorial requirements are properly drafted and timely filed with the concerned government agency.

Assessment and Management of Legal Risks (Legal Audit)

Companies need to understand that legal risks such as regulatory risks, contractual risks, and dispute risks are business risks. JKSRemulla Law Office may conduct legal audit and due diligence on your operations or certain aspect of your business or transaction to determine the legal risks that may arise therefrom and recommend you on how these risks may be avoided or mitigated. Our team may also help you in planning and implementing preventive and corrective measures for continuous improvement in diverse businesses processes.

Corporate Housekeeping

Staying in control is one of the biggest challenges you’ll face as a business owner. There are formalities, documents, and reports that must be complied with for your business to be legally compliant. JKSRemulla Law Office offers corporate housekeeping services such as review, drafting, and filing of corporate documents and certifications with the concerned government agencies, assistance in the conduct of stockholders' and board of directors’ meetings, handling and management of corporate books, and assistance on formulation and implementation of corporate governance program.

Here at JKSRemulla Law Office, we aim to help you grow and sustain your business by providing you accessible, cost-effective, and quality legal solutions. Please reach us to know more about our services. You may request an online consultation now.

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